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About the Jahjaga Foundation
The Jahjaga Foundation (JF) is a non-governmental organization, founded by the Former President of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, in March 2018. The general goal of the Jahjaga Foundation is the democratic development of Kosovo and the Balkans, through social inclusion and support for marginalized groups, as a precondition for peacebuilding in the region. Three causes are at the heart of the Jahjaga Foundation, and they include: social inclusiveness, interethnic and regional reconciliation, and security.

The vision of the Jahjaga Foundation is the consolidation of a democratic and inclusive state with equal opportunities for each citizen of Kosovo, in harmony with nations of the region, as a precondition for security and social wellbeing.

The mission of the Jahjaga Foundation is to contribute to the democratization process in Kosovo through social inclusiveness, support for marginalized groups and creating conditions for peace in the region, by serving as a mechanism for: a) strategic advocacy on these issues; b) mobilization and empowering of marginalized groups and, c) facilitating and coordinating relations between civil society organizations and the latter with state and regional institutions